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functional variants
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functional variants

TopoL xT exists in several functional variants. Individual variants differ from each other just by another set of functions which can be used. The user interface and behavior is exactly the same.
TopoL xT User Interface

TopoL xT User Interface

TopoL Explorer

Allows only to display vector and raster data. This version is a freeware, you can download it from our site for free.


Allows to display vector and raster data, viewing of data stored in internal and external databases and an analysis of internal attributes of objects. It enables printing in scale.


Special variant for less demanding work, contains all the features of functional variant Viewer and also permits the editing of vector data (creating, modifying). It does not allow batch processing of vector data and also raster processing.


This variant aims to work with vector data. It includes all vector functions of Basic variant. It enables only to view raster data.


Basic variant for GIS applications. It contains all functional features and extra options for operations with vector data, additional analysis functions (areas overlay, areas aggregation, transmissions of data between objects and blocks, etc.). It supports geometric operations with raster data – location, rotation, georeferencing, creation of mosaic.


The highest variant of TopoL xT. Functionally contains all the functions of variant Basic. Provides transformation in parts to eliminate local errors in raster and vector data and includes features for handling raster digital elevation model (preparation, 2D and 3D views, model analysis, etc.).

Raster TopoL

Raster TopoL is a special variant that allows unlimited work with rasters. Vector data can be displayed only. TopoL Blocks can be edited only if the number of objects in them does not exceed the 500. This variant can be delivered together with a module transformation in parts. This transformation in parts can eliminate local errors in raster.