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In this section you can download the latest update of products bought by you, demos, and freeware versions and drivers.

In case of TopoL xT 10.0 it is not necessary to download single variants. All variants, including Demo are in included in single installation program (only TopoL Explorer has separate installation program). You can download the program and test it. It will work as demo version without hardlock. It means that you can display all supported data formats, but you can edit the TopoL block only up to the size of 500 objects (points, polylines, areas and texts together). Rasters can be changed up to the size of 4 milions pixels. It is not possible to print in scale. If you decide to buy TopoL xT, you can just order it and we will send you the hardlock. You do not have to reinstall the program.

You can find here the latest version of TopoL Mobile 3.0. If you install it it will work as demo version. It means that you can display all supported data formats, but new measured objects are not saved and the measured length or area size are not displayed. The navigation does not work as well. If you decide to buy it, you can just order it, register it and it will work in full version without reinstallation.